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Contents of the book - About the book ISBN: 978-0-620-49666-7
4th revision is now available. However at this time it is only available in the USA direct from this website.
Order direct from Bush Air
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USA: (rev4) $35 incl. US mail

UK & Europe: Trans Air Asia: Thai Flying Club | Amazon

Australia: Down Under Pilot Shop / New Zealand: Down Under Pilot Shop

South Africa: $27.00 incl. SA mail.
Elsewhere in the world: (rev4) US$49 incl. US mail.
Bush & Mountain Flying handbook - 1st edition

The 1st edition paperback is no longer in print, however there are a few copies still available for the collector.

Only available directly from Bush Air - South Africa.

Price $15.00

To order a copy, send an email to info@bushair.co

ISBN: 978-0-620-43534-5


Bush & Mountain Flying Handbook - 2nd edition revised. Author: CC Pocock. . www.bushair.co/books.htm - www.bush-air.com/books.htm - www.bushair.co.za/books.htm